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We're changing the way you do business by identifying those aspects with the greatest potential for improvement, then adapting their procedures to reduce the tedious, repetitive, and superfluous human tasks. If you're the entrepreneur of a small business, or a key member of a medium business, the result is the same: greater flexibility. Flexibility in terms of time-management, personnel management, and most importantly, flexibility in terms of forward-looking business options.

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HEi has been operating in the web world for over 20 years. It all started in the early-days of the web, when there was little to learn and even less to do. We've been around from the beginning. Starting with simple web-sites offering little more than on-line brochures, we grew to include Internet applications as well. Such applications began with basic information capture, and extended into full-featured e-commerce product catalogues. Seemingly without delay, we'd added custom business software to our service offerings; it seemed the natural progression. At that time, around the turn of the century, we offered large-business solutions at the small-business scale.

Nowadays, the industry has twisted, blurring the lines between web-sites, Internet applications, custom business software, mobile apps, and business process streamlining. So now we get to do truly interesting things like calculating complex commission structures on years of sales data collected from myriad electronic sources, and presenting analytical conclusions to owners and upper-level management in seconds -- often without any salaries being paid.

That's modern inter-departmental communication -- totally automated, near-instantaneous, and always available.

So today, we talk about business transparency: allowing those at the top to see what's happening at the bottom, clearly, and with meaningful comprehension.

Consider your most recent business strategy session. Perhaps at a boardroom table with a dozen colleagues; perhaps at mitnight on your kitchen table. High-level decisions are based on high-level information and low-level data. How long does it take you answer basic data-level questions?

  • How many blue widgets were sold last week?
  • Which colour sells best in Quebec?
  • Where do we sell most of the red widgets?
  • Which rep sold the most green widgets in Ontario?
  • How many orders were processed by each rep?
  • Which territory sells disproportionately?
  • Which products bring the most revenue? The most profit?
  • How long from a client's first call until a completed service?

How long will it take you to answer such questions? Push a button at your desk? Reported to your handheld daily? Call an employee? Most businesses take up to three weeks to communicate down, then back up the chain. Are your decisions based on numbers that are a month old?

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